pygmy is the single tool needed to get the local Docker Drupal development environment running on your Unix-based system. It is built to work with Docker for Mac! (quite a lot for such a small whale 🐳)
What pygmy will handle for you:
  • Starting the necessary Docker containers for the Drupal Docker development.
  • If on Linux: Adds nameserver to your /etc/resolv.conf file, so that your local Linux can resolve * via the dnsmasq container.
  • If on Mac with Docker for Mac: Creates the file /etc/resolver/ which tells OS X to forward DNS requests for * to the dnsmasq container.
  • Tries to add the ssh key in ~/.ssh/id_rsa to the ssh-agent container (no worries if that is the wrong key, you can add more any time).
  • Starts a local mail Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) in order to test and view mails.
Last modified 1yr ago
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