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The Lagoon commons Docker image. Based on the official Alpine images.

This image has no functionality itself, but is instead a base image, intended to be extended and utilized to build other images. All the alpine-based images in Lagoon inherit components from commons.

Included tooling#

  • docker-sleep - standardized one-hour sleep
  • fix-permissions - automatically fixes permissions on a given directory to all group read-write
  • wait-for - a small script to ensure that services are up and running in the correct order - based off
  • entrypoint-readiness - checks to make sure that long-running entrypoints have completed
  • entrypoints - a script to source all entrypoints under /lagoon/entrypoints/* in an alphabetical/numerical order

Included entrypoints#

The list of default entrypoints in this image is found at Subsequent downstream images will also contribute entrypoints under /lagoon that are run in the eventual image.