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Lagoon Backups#

Lagoon uses the k8up backup operator: Lagoon isn’t tightly integrated with k8up, it’s more that Lagoon can create its resources in a way that k8up can automatically discover and backup.

  1. Create new AWS User with policies:
  2. Create k8up-values.yaml.\ See gist example:
  3. Install k8up:

    helm repo add appuio

    kubectl apply -f

    helm upgrade --install --create-namespace --namespace k8up -f k8up-values.yaml k8up appuio/k8up 4. Update lagoon-core-values.yaml:

    s3BAASAccessKeyID: <<Access Key ID for restore bucket>>
    s3BAASSecretAccessKey: <<Access Key Secret for restore bucket>>
  4. Redeploy lagoon-core.