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There are no required actions or considerations with this release. As always, we suggest upgrading all minor versions.


activestandby task image#

  • This release introduces a new active/standby task image that does not require the use of the dioscuri controller. Dioscuri is deprecated and will eventually be removed from the lagoon-remote helm chart. If you use active/standby functionality in your clusters, you should upgrade to lagoon v2.17.0 and update your remote clusters to the version of the lagoon-remote helm chart the v2.17.0 release says to use (see release notes for v2.17.0)

API Harbor support#

  • Support for Harbor in the API will be removed in a future release. If you currently have your core installation with Harbor support, you should move to using the integration within lagoon-remote instead. See the documentation here and read the section about Harbor.

Harbor 2.1 and earlier support#

  • Support for Harbor 2.1.x (chart version 1.5.x) and older in lagoon-remote will be removed in a future release. You should consider upgrading Harbor to a newer version (currently Lagoon supports up to v2.9.x (chart version 1.13.x)), following any recommended upgrade paths from Harbor.