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Contributing to Lagoon documentation#

We really value anything that you can offer us!

We've made building and viewing the documentation really straightforward, and the team is always ready to help out with reviews or pointers.

We use mkdocs with the excellent Material theme.

Viewing and updating docs locally#

From the root of the Lagoon repo (you'll need Docker), run:

docker run --rm -it -p -v ${PWD}:/docs squidfunk/mkdocs-material

This will start a development server on, configured to live-reload on any updates. The Docker image contains all the necessary extensions.

Editing in the cloud#

Each documentation page also has an "edit" pencil in the top right, that will take you to the correct page in the git repository.

Feel free to contribute here too - you can always use the inbuilt web-based editor. It's got basic markdown previews, but none of the mkdocs loveliness

How we deploy documentation#

We use the Deploy MkDocs GitHub Action to build all main branch pushes, and trigger a deployment of the gh-pages branch.