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The Lagoon node Docker image. Based on the official Node Alpine images.

Supported Versions#

  • 10 - End of Life (EOL) as of 2021-04-30
  • 12 uselagoon/node-12 or uselagoon/node-12-builder
  • 14 uselagoon/node-14 or uselagoon/node-14-builder
  • 16 uselagoon/node-16 or uselagoon/node-16-builder


We stop updating EOL Node.js images usually with the Lagoon release that comes after the officially communicated EOL date:

Lagoon adaptions#

We ship 2 versions of Node.js images: the normal node:version image and the node:version-builder.

The builder variant of those images comes with additional tooling that is needed when you run Node.js builds. For a full list check out the Dockerfile.

The default exposed port of node containers is port 3000.

Environment Variables#

Environment variables are meant to contain common information for the PHP container.

Environment Variable Default Description
LAGOON_LOCALDEV_HTTP_PORT 3000 tells the local development environment on which port we are running