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A wide range of Applications, Frameworks and Languages are supported by Lagoon#

Lagoon broadly classifies three levels in the application stack:


The core building blocks of any Lagoon project, these are usually provided by Lagoon-specific images.


These take those base images, and add in the necessary logic, tools and packages needed to serve a website, or drive an application.


Usually built on top of Frameworks, this is the layer that content editors or developers will interact with to shape the finished product.

When we reference any repositories for use on Lagoon, we usually refer to them in three ways:


These are fully-functional, cloneable starter repositories, maintained and updated regularly, ready to be extended and used with little customization.


These are fully functional repositories, maintained and updated regularly, but may require some effort to make work for your individual project.


These are repositories that have been built as a demonstration, and are usable for some of the concepts within, but aren't routinely maintained or updated.

For a more complete list, check out out our GitHub repository: and our website