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Lagoon Moderation Guidelines#

These guidelines have been adapted from Drupal Diversity & Inclusion’s Moderation Guidelines.

In Lagoon spaces, strive to promote understanding, empathy, and increase personal awareness of all people. This includes people from across the Drupal Community and the greater Technical Community, even those you may personally disagree with.

If kicked from the Discord, the kicked user can send a private message (PM) to the kicker or another Moderator, if desired, for re-admittance. If a disruptive person is engaging in what appears to be intentionally inflammatory, bullying, or harassing behavior provoking hostile responses (or acting in a hostile manner), kicking is faster and easier than trying to placate a disruptive person whose behavior is causing distress to other channel members.

The kick is not a ban. There are times when disruptive or triggering comments and statements are genuine and break the lines of communication between two parties. By speaking with a Moderator, the (potentially) disruptive person can be coached on using more sensitive, inclusive, and diverse-aware language, and on engaging in a more constructive manner.

Tiered Responses#

  1. Tier One Response

    User is welcomed in the channel, asked to read some scroll back, and given a link to participation guidelines.

  2. Tier Two Response

    User is gently reminded in channel to keep posts on topic, and/or of participation guidelines.

  3. Tier Three Response

    User is PM’d by available Moderator to explain the problem(s) with their posts and given suggestions of what to do differently.

  4. Tier Four Response

    If behavior continues, User is kicked for no less than 24 hours from the Discord.

Non-Tiered Response Banning#

Intentionally disruptive individuals get kicked, not tiered. Repeated offenses will result in a ban.