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Install the Lagoon CLI#

  1. Check on how to install for your operating system. For macOS and Linux, you can use Homebrew:
    1. brew tap uselagoon/lagoon-cli
    2. brew install lagoon
  2. The CLI needs to know how to communicate with Lagoon, so run the following command:

    Lagoon config
        lagoon config add \
            --graphql https://YOUR-API-URL/graphql \
            --ui https://YOUR-UI-URL \
            --hostname YOUR.SSH.IP \
            --lagoon YOUR-LAGOON-NAME \
            --port 22
  3. Access Lagoon by authenticating with your SSH key.

    1. In the Lagoon UI (the URL is in values.yml if you forget), go to Settings.
    2. Add your public SSH key.
    3. You need to set the default Lagoon to your Lagoon so that it doesn’t try to use the defaults:

      Lagoon config
          lagoon config default --lagoon <YOUR-LAGOON-NAME>
  4. Now run lagoon login. Lagoon talks to SSH and authenticates against your public/private key pair, and gets a token for your username.

  5. Verify via lagoon whoami that you are logged in.


We don’t generally recommend using the Lagoon Admin role, but you’ll need to create an admin account at first to get started. Ideally, you’ll immediately create another account to work from which is not an admin.