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Automatic Updates#

Lagoon deploys applications in a way that is not compatible with some methods of updating Drupal core and contrib. Lagoon expects to build immutable images and run immutable containers. When the code of the application is changed at runtime, it can cause any of the following problems:

  1. Containers are managed automatically by Kubernetes and may be moved, restarted, or scaled at any time. When this happens, the original built container image will be ran and any changes that happened at runtime are lost.
  2. Tasks and cronjobs may run with the orignal built container image and won't have access to any updated code.
  3. Updating requires write permissions to the filesystem, but it is possible to configure an environment that forces a read-only filesystem.
  4. Best practices is to deploy small containers that each do one thing. For a typical Drupal project this means there is a cli, php, and nginx container which each contain a copy of the code. Updating only one of these containers will cause issues with code mismatches.

The following update methods been disabled by Lagoon.

Drupal Automatic Updates#

The Automatic Updates contrib module is disabled by and it will also be disabled when it moves into Drupal core.


Using drush pm-install or drush pm-update is disabled by default as part of the amazeeio/drupal-integrations package.