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The Lagoon Solr image Dockerfile. Based on the official solr:<version>-alpine images.

This Dockerfile is intended to be used to set up a standalone Solr server with an initial core mycore.

Supported Versions#

  • 5.5 (available for compatibility only, no longer officially supported)
  • 6.6 (available for compatibility only, no longer officially supported)
  • 7.7 (available for compatibility only, no longer officially supported)
  • 7 Dockerfile - uselagoon/solr-7
  • 8 Dockerfile - uselagoon/solr-8

Lagoon adaptions#

This image is prepared to be used on Lagoon. There are therefore some things already done:

  • Folder permissions are automatically adapted with fix-permissions, so this image will work with a random user.
  • script to fix and check Solr port.
  • script to check if Solr config is compliant for Lagoon. This sets directory paths, and configures the correct lock type.

Environment Variables#

Some options are configurable via environment variables.

Environment Variable Default Description
SOLR_JAVA_MEM 512M Default Java HEAP size (ie. SOLR_JAVA_MEM="-Xms10g -Xmx10g").
SOLR_DATA_DIR /var/solr Path of the solr data dir. Be careful, changing this can cause data loss!
SOLR_COPY_DATA_DIR_SOURCE (not set) Path which the entrypoint script of solr will use to copy into the defined SOLR_DATA_DIR, this can be used for prepopulating the Solr with a core. The scripts expects actual Solr data files! Plus it only copies data if the destination does not already have a solr core in it.