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The Lagoon Varnish Docker images. Based on the official Varnish package

Supported versions#

  • 5 (available for compatibility only, no longer officially supported) - uselagoon/varnish-5
  • 6.0 LTS Dockerfile - uselagoon/varnish-6
  • 7 Dockerfile - uselagoon/varnish-7

Included varnish modules#

  • vbox-dynamic - Dynamic backends from DNS lookups and service discovery from SRV records.
  • vbox-bodyaccess - Varnish vmod that lets you access the request body.

Lagoon adaptions#

This image is prepared to be used on Lagoon. There are therefore some things already done:

  • Folder permissions are automatically adapted with fix-permissions, so this image will work with a random user.

Included default.vcl configuration file#

The image ships a default vcl configuration file, optimized to work on Lagoon. Some options are configurable via environments variables (see Environment Variables).

Environment Variables#

Some options are configurable via environment variables.

Environment Variable Default Description
VARNISH_BACKEND_HOST NGINX Default backend host.
VARNISH_BACKEND_PORT 8080 Default listening Varnish port.
VARNISH_SECRET lagoon_default_secret Varnish secret used to connect to management.
LIBVMOD_DYNAMIC_VERSION 5.2 Default version of vmod-dynamic module.
LIBVMOD_BODYACCESS_VERSION 5.0 Default version of vmod-bodyaccess module.
HTTP_RESP_HDR_LEN 8k Maximum length of any HTTP backend response header.
HTTP_RESP_SIZE 32k Maximum number of bytes of HTTP backend response we will deal with.
NUKE_LIMIT 150 Maximum number of objects we attempt to nuke in order to make space for an object body.
CACHE_TYPE malloc Type of varnish cache.
CACHE_SIZE 100M Cache size.
LISTEN 8080 Default backend server port.
MANAGEMENT_LISTEN 6082 Default management listening port.