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This release was superseded, and the 2.18.2 release is recommended to be installed instead.


In-built Drupal Tasks#

  • The standard drupal based tasks that Lagoon ships with (Drush ....) have been flagged as deprecated and should not be used anymore. These will need to be replaced with custom tasks. Example replacement tasks will be provided prior to their removal.


  • This release introduces a deprecation of the setEnvironmentServices mutation to updated services for an environment, it is being replaced with addOrUpdateEnvironmentService and deleteEnvironmentService. This is because the type is being refactored to support additional information, and eventually additional functionality. For now, the actions-handler service will still support the older setEnvironmentServices for backwards compatibility for a short period to allow older versions of lagoon-remote to still work, but a new version of lagoon-remote will be available that will no longer provides the payload that the actions-handler uses.

Core Registry variable#

  • The value for registry which was previously required by the lagoon-core chart is no longer required. If you are using this, you will need to add it under the new unauthenticatedRegistry setting when installing lagoon-remote in the lagoon-build-deploy section of your values file. If you aren't using an actual registry and have the example disabled-only-use-harbor-via-deploy-controller.invalid value, then you do not need to do anything except you can now remove the registry setting from your core values file.


  • The environment storage return field named bytesUsed is deprecated. The actual value stored is kibibytes. A new return field called kibUsed exists and should be used, the returned data is the same and both fields are still returned. bytesUsed will be removed in a future release, make any adjustments now to use kibUsed. This will be a breaking change in a future release.


  • addOrUpdateEnvironmentStorage is deprecated, addOrUpdateStorageOnEnvironment is the replacement to use as it supports the updated input value for kibUsed. addOrUpdateEnvironmentStorage will be completely removed in a future release.


  • The ability to configure projects to use different subsystems for managing deployments/tasks has been removed. Setting any values for the activeSystems* fields on the project will have no effect and the fields will be removed in a future release.