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The Lagoon php-cli-drupal Docker image is optimized to work with Drupal. It is based on the Lagoon php-cli image, and has all the command line tools needed for the daily maintenance of a Drupal website:

  • drush
  • drupal console
  • drush launcher (which will fallback to Drush 8 if there is no site installed Drush found)

Supported versions#

  • 7.3 (available for compatibility only, no longer officially supported)
  • 7.4 Dockerfile - uselagoon/php-7.4-cli-drupal
  • 8.0 Dockerfile - uselagoon/php-8.0-cli-drupal
  • 8.1 Dockerfile - uselagoon/php-8.1-cli-drupal

All PHP versions use their own Dockerfiles.

Lagoon adaptions#

This image is prepared to be used on Lagoon. There are therefore some things already done:

  • Folder permissions are automatically adapted with fix-permissions, so this image will work with a random user.