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This version has not been released yet


This release contains changes that you may need to be aware of. Read carefully before you upgrade.

Harbor 2.1.x and earlier#

  • This release removes the support for Harbor from the Lagoon API. If you're still using the Harbor support in the API, you should NOT upgrade until you have configured your lagoon-remote installations to use Harbor instead. See the documentation here and read the section about Harbor.
  • We also recommend that if you're using Harbor version 2.1.x and earlier, that you upgrade this as soon as possible. Follow any instructions that Harbor recommend for upgrading. As of this release, lagoon-remote has been tested up to Harbor version 2.10.0 (helm chart version 1.14.0). Lagoon will stop supporting Harbor 2.1.x and earlier in a future release.


Deleted Backups#

  • When a backup is deleted via the webhook, it will now actually removed from the API rather than being flagged as deleted. The Backup type field deleted is deprecated, and will be removed in a future release. Additionally, includeDeleted if requested when querying backups will not change the result as there will be no deleted backups to include.

API Harbor support#

  • In v2.17.0 we announced that Harbor support in the API was deprecated. This release of Lagoon removes all support for Harbor from the API. See upgrade notes above.

DeleteAll/RemoveAll mutations removed#

  • This release removes all DeleteAllX and RemoveAllX from the API. These were only ever meant for local development and are no longer relevant.

Error handling on deployment triggers#

  • In the past, if triggering a deployment using any of the DeployEnvironmentX mutations and an error was encountered, the API would not return an actual error, just a string that contained the error. This was changed in this release to actually return an error now. As this is a change in behaviour, it may impact any users that may have previously been capturing the string error text and parsing it to check for errors.