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Laravel on Lagoon#

There are multiple ways of running Laravel on Lagoon.

  • You may choose to "lagoonize" your existing application yourself (see the Lagoonizing documentation).
  • We have a Laravel example repo of a simple Lagoonized Laravel installation for you to have a look at.
  • (Recommended) We provide a tool called "Sail:onLagoon" that will take a standard Laravel Sail application and generate the appropriate Lagoon configuration files for you.

App environment key#

In order to set your app key, set the APP_KEY environment variable, either via the cli or the UI.

This eliminates the need to store the key in code (in, for instance, a .env file).

You can generate an app key by running the php artisan key:generate --show, which will output a valid key, rather than adjusting the project files.