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  1. Download newest charts using Helm.

    Download newest charts
    helm repo update
  2. Check with helm diff for changes (

    Check for changes
    helm diff upgrade --install --create-namespace --namespace lagoon-core \
        -f values.yml lagoon-core lagoon/lagoon-core
  3. Back up the Lagoon databases prior to any Helm actions. We also suggest scaling the API to a single pod, to aid the database migration scripts running in the initContainers.

  4. Run the upgrade using Helm.

    Run upgrade
    helm upgrade --install --create-namespace --namespace lagoon-core \
        -f values.yaml lagoon-core lagoon/lagoon-core
  5. (Note that as of Lagoon v2.11.0, this step is no longer required.) If upgrading Lagoon Core, ensure you run the script to perform post upgrade migrations.

    Run script
    kubectl --namespace lagoon-core exec -it lagoon-core-api-db-0 -- \
        sh -c /
  6. Re-scale the API pods back to their original level.

  7. If upgrading Lagoon Core, and you have enabled groups/user syncing for OpenSearch, you may additionally need to run the sync:opendistro-security script to update the groups in OpenSearch. This command can also be prefixed with a GROUP_REGEX=<group-to-sync to sync a single group at a time, as syncing the entire group structure may take a long time.

    Run script
    kubectl --namespace lagoon-core exec -it deploy/lagoon-core-api -- \
        sh -c yarn sync:opendistro-security

Check for additional upgrades.

Database Backups#

You may want to back up the databases before upgrading Lagoon Core, the following will create backups you can use to restore from if required. You can delete them afterwards.


Back up API DB
kubectl --namespace lagoon-core exec -it lagoon-core-api-db-0 -- \
    sh -c 'mysqldump --max-allowed-packet=500M --events \
    --routines --quick --add-locks --no-autocommit \
    --single-transaction infrastructure | gzip -9 > \
    /var/lib/mysql/backup/$(date +%Y-%m-%d_%H%M%S).infrastructure.sql.gz'

Keycloak DB#

Back up Keycloak DB
kubectl --namespace lagoon-core exec -it lagoon-core-keycloak-db-0 -- \
    sh -c 'mysqldump --max-allowed-packet=500M --events \
    --routines --quick --add-locks --no-autocommit \
    --single-transaction keycloak | gzip -9 > \
    /var/lib/mysql/backup/$(date +%Y-%m-%d_%H%M%S).keycloak.sql.gz'